Solea senegalensis (Martinez)


We have sequenced, assembled and annotated the Solea senegalensis genome. The fSolSen1 assembly is made of 82 scaffolds that comprise around 614Mb of sequence and has a scaffold N50 of 23.4Mb. Fifty-one scaffolds, corresponding to 98.86% of the assembled sequence, have been placed into 21 linkage groups that correspond to the 21 chromosomes.  

In total, we have annotated 24,264 protein-coding genes, that produce 40,511 transcripts (1,67 transcripts per gene) and encode for 37,259 unique protein products. We have been able to assign functional labels to 70,39% of the annotated proteins. In addition, 52,888 non-coding RNAs have been annotated, of which 6,871 and 46,017 are long and short non-coding RNA genes, respectively.