Octopus vulgaris


We have assembled the Octopus vulgaris genome from a combination of ONT, 10X and Omni-C data. The 2.8 Gb assembly has a contig N50 of 3.6 Mb, scaffold N50 of 118 Mb, QV 39, merqury dup rate of 1.2, and BUSCO: C:92.4%[S:91.8%,D:0.6%],F:2.6%,M:5.0%,n:954.

Pearly razorfish (raor)

Xyrichtys novacula

We have sequenced and assembled the Xyrichtys novacula genome, combining ONT and Illumina data. The resulting genome assembly has a 34.3 Mb scaffold N50 and comprises a total span of 775 Mb of sequence. The estimated Merqury QV is 43. BUSCO against the actinopterygii_odb10 database retrieves a 98.6% of complete genes. 


Collaborate with us!

If you have a genome you’d like to sequence, we’re happy to help. We work with you from the beginning to devise an appropriate sequencing and assembly strategy. The CNAG offers high-throughput Illumina sequencing, long-read sequencing with Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT), and Hi-C scaffolding. According to the size and complexity of the genome and available sample quality and quantity, we work to optimize the sequencing strategy.

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