Collaborate with us!

If you have a genome you’d like to sequence, we’re happy to help. We work with you from the beginning to devise an appropriate sequencing and assembly strategy. The CNAG offers high-throughput Illumina sequencing, long-read sequencing with Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT), and Hi-C scaffolding. According to the size and complexity of the genome and available sample quality and quantity, we work to optimize the sequencing strategy. Our goal is to obtain complete, accurate and highly-contiguous assemblies suitable for publication.  Aided by RNA-seq (Illumina) and/or cDNA/directRNA sequencing (ONT), we also perform comprehensive genome annotation (protein-coding genes, short- and long-noncoding RNA, repeats, etc.)

In the absence of a reference genome, we can perform transcriptome assembly and functional annotation, or if there exists a reference already, perform just the annotation. We are flexible! We want to collaborate and bring your project to fruition (i.e. publication). For more information or to start a collaboration with us please contact Tyler Alioto ( and/or our project manager, Berta Fusté (