spadefoot toads

We have sequenced, assembled and annotated the Pelobates cultripes genome. Our final genome assembly, aPelCul1.1, is highly contiguous, achieving a contig N50 of 130 Kb and scaffold N50 330 Mb. The assembly spans 3.09 Gb and we assembled 14 SuperScaffolds which make up 98.7% of the total assembly

In total, we annotated 32,684 protein-coding genes, taht produce 59,231 transcripts (1.81 transcripts per gene) and encode 51,671 unique protein products. In addition, 80,638 non-coding transcripts were annotated, of which 53,652 (66.5%) and 26,986 (33.5%) are long- and short-noncoding RNA genes, respectively.